In Person opportunities are returning!

We have been carefully monitoring the CoVid 19 situation and the county’s restrictions, and we feel it safe to re-open some ministries.
We will resume in-person:
Sunday School                      April 18th   

Wednesday Bible Study       April 21st 

3rd Sunday PM service        May 16th

Some classrooms will be reassigned to ensure social distancing.
Online options for each of these services will continue.


Join us this Easter season as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.
Our series running through (and past) Easter is New Life Revolution.  Where we seek to be radically different than we were through the resurrection power of Jesus!

You can celebrate in-person or online on our Facebook page:
BridgeWay Church Assembly of God


God Helps Fear
Miss Kristy / September 20

Avengers Assemble
Pastor Stamey / September 20

We are holding weekly Sunday School at 6pm on Sundays and Wednesday Bible Studies at 7pm via Zoom. For full details, contact the church.