More Theology from the Munchkin


It’s nice to know where you’re going in life. As I shared one Sunday in church, Josiah shared with me one day his vocational aspirations.  “Daddy,” he said.

“Yes, Josiah,” I answered.

“When I grow up, I want to be a ninja,”  (pause) “and work at Six Flags.”

“Daddy,” he asked, “how do you become a ninja?”

I guess the path to becoming a ride operator at Six Flags was evident to him.

I can just see the wonder in his mind’s eye as he envisioned these career choices in child-like amazement. The glory of helping all of mankind with your ninja skills; the thrill of getting to earn money while playing with roller coasters.

I could see his justification; I just couldn’t share it.  I guess my hopes for my six year old are more practical, more grand, and, yes, more lucrative. I can see so much more for him than he can see for himself at this point.

I began thinking, I wonder if my heavenly Father looks down at me and chuckles under his breath: “Oh Richard my plans are greater than yours.  They are more than you can ask, think, or imagine.”

All the while my imagination is captivated with ninjas and the Screamin’ Eagle.

Father, please let me see with your eyes.

Now, if only the 18 year old knew what he wanted to do.