More Theology from the Munchkin


“Til You are my one desire
Til You are my one true love
Til you are my breath, my everything
Lord please keep making me.”
We were singing this song at church a couple of weeks ago when Josiah (my 6 year old) taps on my side. “Daddy,when will God get tired of making us?”
I was glad that he was paying attention and wanted to process what he was hearing.  However, to be honest, I was slightly annoyed that he was distracting me from worship…’s a great song.
Where do I go?
“God doesn’t get tired.”?
“Just keeping singing,and we’ll talk about it later.”?
“When we see Jesus, we shall be like Him.”?
“God’s mercies are new every morning.”?
All this in about 2 seconds. Yet the decision really wasn’t that hard.
“Josiah, God loves you so much that He will always help you be the person He knows you can be.”
Josiah was satisfied with the answer and returned to worshipping.
I drove home from church that day feeling extremely grateful.
Thanks, Lord, for still making me.