More Theology from the Munchkin


One day, during the morning commute, my son Josiah decided it was a good time to discuss the eternal attributes of our omnipotent God.

He started out, “Daddy.”

“Yes, Josiah.”

“God can do anything,” he announced.

“You’re right, He can.”

“God can do anything.  He could even squirt ketchup out of His ears, but He would never do that.”

You know, that kid was right.  God could squirt ketchup out of His ears, if he so desired.  However I agree with his assessment that God would forgo his ketchup squirting prerogative.

People sometimes doubt God’s existence, citing questions like, “Can God create a rock too big for Him to lift?”  Sometimes, adults need to just realize that “God would never do that.”

Can God create a rock too heavy for Himself to lift?  Please, that would be equivalent to squirting ketchup out of His ears.