Ordinary Day


I wish I could say that I woke-up to an amazing day.  A day filled with miracles and passion, but… I didn’t. Today… is an ordinary day.  I helped the family get out the door (my son forgot his backpack so I had to take it to him,) got myself out the door. The dog went to his crate by himself, so that was good.  Today is (so far) an ordinary day.  I shaved, showered, brushed my teeth, took my regimen of supplements… I prayed, but do you know what I didn’t do? I didn’t contemplate the deity of Christ.  It’s just not on my daily routine (you know, right after flossing.)  But as we are approaching Easter, it really should be.  The reality of “who Jesus is” should nudge and squish its way into our thoughts.  The fact of Jesus declaring himself the son of God is what propelled the religious leaders of His day to proclaim, “Crucify Him!”  If He isn’t “God incarnate,” very God come to earth as a man, then it doesn’t really matter who He is.  BUT, if He, as God, took the punishment for all the evil in my life, well then everything changes.  Each sunrise should cause me to envision Him as John did in the book of Revelation:  radiant, powerful, victorious over death, hell and the grave!  How did I ever get halfway through my day without seeing Him like this? I think, I think I’ll continue to see Him standing at the right hand of God, in all of His wonder all day.  If I’m smart, I’ll wake-up tomorrow morning the same way.