More Theology from the Munchkin

It’s nice to know where you’re going in life. As I shared one Sunday in church, Josiah shared with me one day his vocational aspirations.  “Daddy,” he said.

“Yes, Josiah,” I answered.

“When I grow up, I want to be a ninja,”  (pause) “and work at Six Flags.”

“Daddy,” he asked, “how do you become a ninja?”

I guess the path to becoming a ride operator at Six Flags was evident to him.

I can just see the wonder in his mind’s eye as he envisioned these career choices in child-like amazement. The glory of helping all of mankind with your ninja skills; the thrill of getting to earn money while playing with roller coasters.

I could see his justification; I just couldn’t share it.  I guess my hopes for my six year old are more practical, more grand, and, yes, more lucrative. I can see so much more for him than he can see for himself at this point.

I began thinking, I wonder if my heavenly Father looks down at me and chuckles under his breath: “Oh Richard my plans are greater than yours.  They are more than you can ask, think, or imagine.”

All the while my imagination is captivated with ninjas and the Screamin’ Eagle.

Father, please let me see with your eyes.

Now, if only the 18 year old knew what he wanted to do.

Ordinary Day

I wish I could say that I woke-up to an amazing day.  A day filled with miracles and passion, but… I didn’t. Today… is an ordinary day.  I helped the family get out the door (my son forgot his backpack so I had to take it to him,) got myself out the door. The dog went to his crate by himself, so that was good.  Today is (so far) an ordinary day.  I shaved, showered, brushed my teeth, took my regimen of supplements… I prayed, but do you know what I didn’t do? I didn’t contemplate the deity of Christ.  It’s just not on my daily routine (you know, right after flossing.)  But as we are approaching Easter, it really should be.  The reality of “who Jesus is” should nudge and squish its way into our thoughts.  The fact of Jesus declaring himself the son of God is what propelled the religious leaders of His day to proclaim, “Crucify Him!”  If He isn’t “God incarnate,” very God come to earth as a man, then it doesn’t really matter who He is.  BUT, if He, as God, took the punishment for all the evil in my life, well then everything changes.  Each sunrise should cause me to envision Him as John did in the book of Revelation:  radiant, powerful, victorious over death, hell and the grave!  How did I ever get halfway through my day without seeing Him like this? I think, I think I’ll continue to see Him standing at the right hand of God, in all of His wonder all day.  If I’m smart, I’ll wake-up tomorrow morning the same way.

More Theology from the Munchkin

One day, during the morning commute, my son Josiah decided it was a good time to discuss the eternal attributes of our omnipotent God.

He started out, “Daddy.”

“Yes, Josiah.”

“God can do anything,” he announced.

“You’re right, He can.”

“God can do anything.  He could even squirt ketchup out of His ears, but He would never do that.”

You know, that kid was right.  God could squirt ketchup out of His ears, if he so desired.  However I agree with his assessment that God would forgo his ketchup squirting prerogative.

People sometimes doubt God’s existence, citing questions like, “Can God create a rock too big for Him to lift?”  Sometimes, adults need to just realize that “God would never do that.”

Can God create a rock too heavy for Himself to lift?  Please, that would be equivalent to squirting ketchup out of His ears.


Theology from the munchkin

3 years ago, during prayer, I found myself calling out  “I want you, Jesus.”  Immediately my thoughts were drawn to my (then) 3 year old son, Josiah.  Whenever Josiah felt separated from one of us and wanted us to hold him, he expressed it that same way:  “I want you Daddy.”  I began making comparisons between Josiah’s calling out to me, and my calling on Jesus.  When Josiah calls “I want you Daddy” the reality is that he had me all along.  He has my heart; he has my attention; he has my provision; he has me.  His need is to experience my love for him.  When I can, I envelope his little body in my arms and squeeze him so tightly he feels he might burst.  I want him to know my love.  However, sometimes (like when I’m driving and he’s in his carseat,) I can’t express my love to him physically. At those times I reassure him verbally, “I want you, too, Josiah.”  It’s not a hug, it can’t be felt, but it is no less valid, no less real. Yet, he usually is not satisfied with my reassurance, and reasserts, “I want you Daddy.”  Maybe…maybe I’m a lot like a three year old.  I sense the need to be reassured that I am loved and accepted.  God often wraps me in His eternal arms and squeezes me so powerfully I feel I might burst.  But other times, when I don’t sense His arms, I can still know His love because of His Word spoken to me.  I must be able to pick up the Bible and find his love expressed to me in His Words. Still, a bear hug is good.


The Meanderings of a Follower

“My soul follows close behind You; Your right hand upholds me.”

                                                       Psalm 63:8

 The King James Version says, “my soul follows hard after thee.”  Some days I follow hard.  Some days I… meander.  I wander about a bit.  I am easily distracted by whatever is occupying my day.  I don’t take the most direct route in following my Savior.  Thankfully, I don’t have to do this Christian life thing on my own; that verse concludes with, “Your right hand holds me up.”

Whenever I’m not necessarily “following hard,” whenever I’m meandering God takes the initiative to pull me along.  He meets where I am and shows me wonderful glimpses of Himself wherever I happen to be.

So, in this blog, my intent is to share with you some of the discoveries I make about our magnificent God along the way.  I’m calling this blog:  The Meanderings of a Follower.