Setting Your Spiritual Table Part 3

Passage: Leviticus 24:1-9
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Setting Your Spiritual Table Part 3
Leviticus 24:1-9
Setting the Table With Oil
• Olive Oil is a symbol of God’s blessings
• Olive Oil is a mark of God’s ownership and empowerment
• Olive Oil is a symbol of the Holy Spirit and His presence and work
• The Spirit teaches you
• The Spirit comforts you
• The Spirit fights for you
• The Spirit Directs you
Setting the Table With Bread
• The Bread emphasizes God’s provision
• It expresses close fellowship with God
• Bread is a symbol for the Word of God
Written Word The Bible
Living Word Jesus
Fresh Bread
Matthew 6:11

Setting the Table With Incense
Exodus 30:34-35

Incense represents prayer
Revelation 5:8

Oil is the presence of the Spirit of God
Bread is the Word of God (written and living)
Incense is our prayer to God
Psalm 141:1-2
Revelation 8:3-5
Isaiah 6:6-7
Revelation 8:5
Revelation 3:20

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