The Finish Line


One week to go… until graduation.

In this blog I share quite a bit about my younger son, Josiah.  This morning, my mind is on my first born, Alex. In 9 days he will graduate from High School, and we are all soooo ready for it.  His mom and I know the great potential Alex has, and we have been his cheering section… All right, we pushed… Actually, some days, we get behind him, lodge our shoulders in his back and HEAVE. Some seniors are coasting toward graduation right now; not Alex.  He has 2 papers, 2 major tests, and THEN finals.  (Someone remind me why we loaded his last semester with such difficult classes.) He is so burned out on school; they call it senioritis.

He tells me, “Senioritis is a real thing, Dad, and I have a bad case.”

Terminal, I think.

Still, we cheer him on (read that: shove.) We were discussing what to put on his graduation cake.   I suggested, “How about, ‘Congratulations, Alex. You did it.’”

“What do you mean, ‘YOU did it’?” Teresa asked.  “WE did it,”

Some days it feels like it.  But, no, Alex read the books.  Alex took the tests.  Alex wrote the papers. Alex worked the math problems (whatever it is you do in Finite Math.)  Alex did it.  We cheered.  We are so very proud of the person he has become.  He has a love for God, and for people.  What more could we ask for; yet he gives us more.  He is intelligent, witty, thoughtful.  I guess that’s why we push so hard; he has so much in him, and we want to let it all out.

You know, you have a cheering section too. Hebrews chapter 12 says that we are surrounded by a crowd of spectators cheering us on to finish our race.  When you have those days when you’re tired of life, your own variety of “Senioritis,” listen carefully. They’re cheering, calling your name:  “I know this test is hard, but keep running; you’re almost to the finish line!  You can do it!” And you have a heavenly father, up there; He is so very proud of the person you’ve become.  He wants to spur you on to the greatest of what you have inside. He cheers…pushes…shoves us through the next lesson, the next test.  He knows you will succeed; He’s there to help.  So, buckle down, chin up, press forward.  There is such a prize waiting for you at the end.

You’re almost there, Alex. One more week.