Thoughts on the Corona Virus


My family watched the Tom Hanks movie about Mr. Rogers earlier this week.
While helping someone walk through the dying of a loved one, Mr. Rogers says,
“Death is human.  Anything human is mentionable.
Anything mentionable is manageable.”

That’s powerful! Anything mentionable is manageable.

So, with the power of the Holy Spirit added to the mix, we can certainly manage what I am about to mention.

We don’t have to respond with panic.
Two words have resounded with people who are seeking God’s help through prayer:
Faith and Wisdom
That’s how we need to respond.

We must not fall victim to fear.  Living in fear incapacitates us, stops us in our tracks.
It will distract us from living in faith.

God is our source, our refuge, our protector, our shield.  We can and should trust Him to care for us each and every day. (Corona virus or not)

Use the simple hygienic directives that are being suggested. (Most of which you should already be doing.) The CDC website has pages of recommendations.

If we trust in God and behave responsibly we can navigate this crisis.

Pray with Faith
Act with Wisdom
Live with Joy